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Our Services

Abrahams Meese practises principally in the following areas:

(a) Property;

(b) Commercial;

(c) Litigation and Dispute Resolution; and

(d) Administration of personal affairs, such as Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estate Planning.

Our principal areas of practice encompass a number of different matters, including the matters set out below.

You are very welcome to contact us if you are unsure if we are able to assist with your matter.


(i) Sale and purchase of real estate in Victoria and other Australian States (including residential and commercial property, and “off the plan” property);

(ii) Subdivisions;

(iii) Leases and licences of real estate for commercial property (including both retail and non-retail premises) and residential property, including the renewal and assignment (or transfer) or leases;

(iv) Planning law including applications to VCAT to object to a decision to grant, or not to grant, a planning permit;

(v) Advice in relation to property duties and taxes, including stamp duty, land tax and goods and services tax;

(vi) Owners corporations including disputes and leases and licences of common property;

(vii) Mortgages and loan agreements;

(viii) Solicitors certificates for personal guarantees;

(ix) Personal Property Securities Register registrations and advice;

(x) Intellectual property, including advice regarding copyright, trade marks and other forms of intellectual property, and the registration of trade marks;

(xi) Review of domestic building agreements;

(xii) Property ownership agreements between co-owners of real estate.


(i) Incorporation of companies;

(ii) The establishment, variation and winding up of trusts, including family (or discretionary) trusts and unit trusts;

(iii) Advice in relation to trusts;

(iv) Sale and purchase of businesses, including businesses holding a liquor licence;

(v) Commercial agreements of all types including share sale agreements, joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, franchise agreements, information technology service agreements, and agency, licence and distribution agreements;

(vi) Terms and conditions of trade;

(vii) Employment agreements and employment advice, including in relation to industrial awards and employee restraints.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Abrahams Meese provides full legal services in relation to litigation and dispute resolution. This includes the conduct of legal proceedings in Courts and Tribunals, as well as the participation in alternative types of dispute resolution, principally mediation.

We take a pragmatic and commercial approach to litigation and dispute resolution, which seeks to achieve a final outcome that is both timely and cost effective.

Abrahams Meese conducts litigation in the following Courts and Tribunals:

(i) in all Victorian Courts (Supreme Court, County Court and Magistrates’ Court);

(ii) in all federal Courts (Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court);

(iii) in VCAT (including in disputes concerning Domestic Building and Retail Leases); and

(iv) in the Fair Work Commission in relation to employment matters.

Abrahams Meese conducts litigation in relation to the following:

(i) Property matters, including all Property matters listed in the “Property” section above;

(ii) Commercial matters, including:

(1) all Commercial matters listed in the “Commercial” section above;

(2) Debt collection;

(3) Shareholder and partnership disputes;

(4) Misleading and deceptive conduct claims (and other matters dealt with by the Australian Consumer Law);

(5) Insolvency and bankruptcy (including Statutory Demands);

(6) Employment disputes, including unfair dismissal and discrimination claims.

(iii) Disputes in relation to Wills and Deceased Estates, including challenges to the validity of Wills and Testator Family Maintenance (or “Part IV”) claims.

Abrahams Meese participates in mediation that is conducted as part of legal proceedings, and also before legal proceedings are commenced.

Administration of Personal Affairs

Abrahams Meese provides legal services in relation to the administration of personal affairs, including the following:

(i) Wills, including the establishment of Testamentary Trusts;

(ii) Probate of Wills and the Administration of Deceased Estates, including Survivorship Applications for the survivor of jointly owned real estate;

(iii) Estate Planning;

(iv) Powers of Attorney, including Enduring Powers of Attorney for Financial & Personal Matters and Medical Treatment;

(v) Living Wills (also known as Advanced Health Directives);

(vi) Guardianship Applications to VCAT;

(vii) Superannuation, including the review of self-managed superannuation fund arrangements and binding death nominations.